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My Challenge

Do have a request or would like to test my abilities? Send me the information on what you'd like me to write, either via comment below or to my email: 

-I don't write Erotica. That's the only thing you cannot request.
-I will write any genre, just tell what genre you would like.  
-Please tell me whether you want it a poem or a short story, at the moment I am not excepting novel requests, unless of course I feel compelled to build upon your original proposal. 

What to say in your comment:
Write a description or summary you'd like the story to be about. Tell me if there are any specific characters or settings you'd like. 
You can request that the story be based on a song. (Give the song Info) Or about a picture. (You'll have to email it yourself to: or link it)  Is there a title you'd like me to use? please include your name or a pen name you'd like to written under the title (So that everyone knows it was your request).

Hope to hear from you!
~ Sam