Image By shewatchedthesky @ Flickr
Dying Flowers 

Welted petals
Falling from the sky
Like fresh snow fall
Ruined by the constant
Shuffle of the human trestle  
Binding like ropes made
From stripped 
Strings of metal
Tapestries weaved from
Threads of silken 
Forgotten dreams
Fading, decaying
Eroding with stressful
Sticking to it’s base 
Nectar glistens 
A gluey, molded face
Lined with tape
A stapled fate
Strung marionette
Dances to a different
Breaking it ties 
From it’s ruling skies
Shattering the threshold 
In which Earth meets
Void of life 
Drifting conscious 
Weeds cracking thought’s 
Iced soils 
Dying flowers
Blacken vibrant hues 
A split moment of 
 Shed it’d violet reds 
Loosely cutting size 
Shrinking, shriveling
Till no more 
Stuck within sealed
As walls close in
Last seconds 
Dry against fragile skin
Dying flowers
last whisks of air fall 
In painted over lumens 
To weak to breath in 
Dying flowers 
Dream in fields of yellowing 
Knee length in piling trash 
Clouded in puffs of co2 
Knowing whose at fault 
Is you  
                                                 Original by margolove at Flickr edited by me

My Liar 

I hope you know 
It eats at me 
Like a virus 
Killing my cells
Like cancer 
You’re my infection 
An addiction 
My Nicotine 
Keeping me in 
A trance 
Of peaceful 
You’re my liar 
Spreading your 
Contiguous commodity  
Like poison 
Through a river 
Coursing through me 
Isn’t it nice 
Just to feel 
That numbing ting
The remorseless
Path of destruction
You rage through 
My soul
A black blanket of despair
You’re my liar 
Your terror 
Set in every strand 
Of my frail hair 
Embedded in my DNA
And you like it that way
Controlling me like a puppet   
Because I’m blind 
And you’re my guide
Like a drug 
Painful withdraws
Don’t leave
I need your greed 
It’s the plentiful 
grass of which 
I feed
Can’t you see? 
You’re my liar…
My sacrificial 
I need
I need 
In you I find 
I know deepest 
down the truth 
You see
It’s the world 
I’m against 
And you’re 
My protection
I’ll take the lies 
If it keeps me 
Above 6ft 
Away from the 
feeding flies 
And hungry maggots 
You’re my liar 
And with that I
My loneness 
Is devoured
You wipe away
The tears that 
Shower down 
Smudging makeup 
Ruining hair 
But it’s with you 
I find I don’t care
You’re my liar…